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In pain? Need some in depth advice to progress your recovery?

TeleHealth Sessions are for you!

 Yes, if you’re in pain, but can’t leave the house, I can still help!

It is vital that we change our routines and do as the government asks.  But I realise that this does NOT mean that your problems go away.  They might be worse from not getting treatment, from sitting awkwardly, or from being stressed out.

But I’m still your osteopath and I can still look after you.  Quite a bit of what we do in your appointments isn’t about the hands-on treatment.  It’s about careful questioning, detective work, and rehabilitation planning. It’s about helping you manage the pain and the injury through advice and coaching, exercise prescription and pain management ideas.  One of the things my patients value most is the self care and self management strategies I give them. 

How do virtual osteopathy sessions work?

It’s very easy! When you book a virtual consultation, you can pick your time and pay right in Cliniko.  In your confirmation there will be a link.  When your appointment time comes, just click the link and you’ll see me there on video, and I’ll be able to see you too.  You don’t need any special software, and you can attend your appointment from any device.

We can then talk about and discuss your symptoms and take a history (if you’ve never met me before).  I can then ask you to do some movements, ask some further questions, and use my skills to diagnose and prescribe you some help! This can include some self treatment strategies, rehab exercises, and changes to your desk setup or daily routine that I think will help.

Some of the things we can do in a telehealth session include:


Just like in a regular in person session, I use your history and what you’ve told me to craft the kinds of things I need to check in an examination.  Using a live video link (using Physitrack, Whatsapp or Messenger) I can ask you to perform a variety of movements and tests that help inform clinical decisionmaking about how to proceed with your care.

Just like at the beginning of every session, we can catch up on how you are feeling, what movements are best for you, what is causing you trouble, and discuss any changing symptoms (for better or worse). This can give me a wealth of information about how you are progressing with your treatment and what kinds of things I should look for in my examination.

Nearly all of my clients have benefitted from me providing virtual exercise and rehab using Physitrack.  Based on how you are doing, these exercises can be adjusted and amended to speed your progress on the fly.  All you have to do is log in and see your changes!

I can advise you on how to care for yourself from today, including pain reduction strategies and ways to improve your mobility. Self treatment techniques can be explained and demonstrated, and I can explain what to avoid and why. There’s a lot you can do to help yourself today, even if you can’t be seen in person.

If you are not able to access your usual shop, you might find it tricky to stay on track with your anti inflammatory diet.  I can help with guidance and advice on how to modify your nutrition within your means. I have also arranged a discount for my clients at The Natural Dispensary to make any supplement needs more affordable.

I’m a health coach, and making changes to incorporate exercise and dietary changes can be challenging for some! I can provide troubleshooting and support to ensure you stay firmly on track in a time that is quite daunting.  

Stressful times can exacerbate your pain and tamper with your mental health.  I can support you with stress management sessions by providing mindfulness based stress management techniques and coaching spport. I’m also a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for Insomnia and I can help you get the sleep you need and avoid long term insomnia problems that can develop from tossing and turning all night.

Do remote osteopathy sessions really help?

YES.  Telehealth and virtual consultations have been around for years and have been used widely in GP practices and in physiotherapy settings.  There is a body of evidence supporting their effectiveness.  And, I’ve offered these to travelling patients in the past, and they have proven very helpful.  

I’m launching these more formally, with an in-built platform, to provide you with continuity of care and a more comprehensive way to maintain your treatment progress. For new patients, this helps you to get to know me, gets you some immediate help, and gets you on the road until you can come to see me in person – if you even need to at that point!

Who can use virutal osteopathy?

Nearly everyone!  They are ideally suited for those who are in the middle of treatment – it’s a great way to contine your progress.  It can also be helpful for new patients, as long as your condition is suited to virtual advice and care – that is – as long as it is musculoskeletal in nature.  As always, even with my in person sessions, if I can’t be sure it’s safe to treat and advise you, I will refer you to the appropriate specialist or to your GP.

It depends. As usual, initial sessions for new patients are longer – allow up to an hour or a bit more.  Followup sessions could be longer or shorter, depending on your progress.  All of this is reflected in the pricing, £30, which is half of the usual consultation fee.  

Sessions cost £30 and must be paid for when booking. Sessions must be booked online.

It would be helpful to wear clothing that allows me to see how you move.  Wearing shorts and a vest is ideal but wear what makes you comfortable – we will figure it out together!

You can use any device you want.  Get set up a few minutes before – you’ll have to give permission for Cliniko to use your camera and microphone.

Ideally position your device so I can see you clearly while we chat – and allow yourself some room to move during the examination.  You may need to reposition your device so I can see you move. 


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