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This is my cookie policy.  Grab some milk!  It’s simple and yummy, just like perfectly made shortbread!

Cookies are small temporary files used by most websites, including this one, to streamline your experience (such as remembering where you were, that you browse in English, what you’ve seen etc) and provide us information indirectly (such as if a page is not working, or how the site is being used so it can be improved for all users).

Many websites need cookies to function properly but most browsers allow you to disable the storage of cookies in your browser or allow you to delete them when you are done browsing. Just be aware that you may not get certain personalised features of the site and may not be able to take full advantage of some of the current or future features of my sites.  This includes online bookings – this feature won’t work without cookies.

We also use and may use pixels / beacons from Google Analytics, Facebook and similar services. These also helps us know what parts of our site are working well, if they are not working properly on some devices, and what kinds of things on our site that people are most interested in so that appropriate social content can be shown to them.

You can learn more about cookies at – including how to disable them in your browser if you wish.

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